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Affiliate Membership.

Join the medical professionals and institutes who have already signed up to our service, and begin to see the benefits for you and your patients today.

What are the benefits?

The perks of signing up for an affiliate membership.

Shoe-fitting training.

Learn more about this benefit...

Access to qualified shoe-fitters.

Learn more about this benefit...

Brannock device.

Learn more about this benefit...

Referral commission scheme.

Learn more about this benefit...

Shoe-fitting training.

Enhance your patient's experience, and give them access to the best possible outcome.

We come to your clinic.

Physical training. No Zoom calls.

We show you how to use your Brannock device.

So that we can work together using consistent and accurate measurements, to ensure your patients are getting the best chance at a positive outcome.

We provide an education on footwear anatomy.

A more in-depth understanding of footwear components and their functionality allows you to make more informed suggestions to your patients.

Access to qualified shoe-fitters.

Direct phone and e-mail contact with an award-winning team of shoe-fitters, with a combined experience of over 40 years.

We can deliver tailored advice to guide your patients toward the best possible footwear solution for them, using our expert knowledge and extensive industry experience.

We are at the end of the phone line 6 days a week, from 9:30AM – 5:00PM. We aim to respond to every e-mail within 24 hours.

Trusted by…

The British Footwear Association logo.
The Trustpilot rating, for July 2022.

Access to branded footwear.

Our stock is a carefully curated selection of footwear solutions. Using both simple physical checks and highly advanced gait analysis scanners, we are able to test our footwear to ensure we only offer the best options to our customers. Our selection of brands can help with all of the foot-health conditions you see on a day-to-day basis.

Can I access these brands without an affiliate membership?

Yes, you can view these brands on our website regardless. However, we understand our stock. We know how it can work for your patients, and which styles to recommend based on your assessments.

An affiliate membership also means that we can order specific styles for you and your patients, that would ordinarily be inaccessible to regular consumers anywhere else. We also provide modular and fully bespoke services for our affiliate referrals, as well as the ability to special order items that are not in stock.

Brannock device included with your membership.

We will send you either an adult or child Brannock device, so that we can work together using the gold standard of measurement in the footwear industry.

(RRP: £120)

Referral commission scheme.

What's better than additional income?
Each time a patient uses your referral code, you get a percentage of that sale.

Here's how it works...

A clipboard with a tag showing a percentage sign.

Refer your patient.

You refer your patient to us, by providing them with your custom discount code or referral link.

Your patient shops with us.

A purchase is made on our website using your custom code or link.

A piggy bank with a coin falling into it.

Receive your pay-out.

You receive 2.5% of that sale, which we deposit into your account every month.

Do you actively use social media?
Do you actively write blogs or newsletters?
Do you have a digital screen in your waiting room?

You can grab a link or embed code from any page on our website, directly from your affiliate dashboard or the toolbar at the top of every page when you are logged in. This will automatically track your referrals and commission, as well as provide you with valuable analytics about your digital marketing activity.

Yearly 25% discount code.

For up to 3 purchases per year, for you, staff, or family members to use on ShoeFit.

*This code should not be passed on to your patients.

Prescription forms.

A physical and digital version for you to fill out when referring a client – The key component to making accurate and useful suggestions.

Your prescription notepad will provide us with all the necessary information to make educated footwear suggestions to your patients. We provide you with a physical version, and a digital version that allows you to upload photos, and other bits of extra information for more complicated feet.

Since this can be sensitive medical information, we take great care of it. Every form we receive from you is carefully stored, and secured with encryption and not shared with anyone.

Media assets.

Access to tailored marketing material, made to fit the requirements of your clinic or practice.

  • Posters (A2, A3, A4, A5).

  • Digital screen displays.

  • Social media content.

  • Educational and informative blogs.

  • The ability to incorporate your referral link into any of your social media to increase your commission revenue.

Weekly newsletter.

A regular newsletter with digestible content about ShoeFit, and trending topics in the footwear industry.

CPD (Coming soon).

At ShoeFit, we are constantly breaking boundaries and looking at ways to make your experience as an affiliate even better.

We’re continuously working with the Royal College of Podiatry and the British Footwear Association, as well as brands, experts, and governing bodies to constantly improve the service we can provide to you, and your patients.

Full-length accredited courses.

In partnership with top institutions and medical professionals in the foot-health industry.

Further training.

We work closely with our brands to have access to the best information. This can be passed onto you through additional training sessions.

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