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Easing Knee Pain with Footwear: 4 Brands for Effortless Posture Improvements

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People of different ages and abilities walking comfortably outdoors in proper footwear, promoting good posture and reducing knee pain.
Get back to feeling your best with the proper footwear.


Knee pain is a common problem that can affect people of all ages and activity levels. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as arthritis, injury, and overuse. The pain can be debilitating and make even the simplest tasks a challenge. If left for a long period of time, knee pain does also have the capacity to become chronic – especially if it is due to an underlying health condition. One often-overlooked factor that can contribute to knee pain is the type of footwear you wear. Wearing shoes that don’t provide adequate support and fit can put unnecessary stress on your knees and lead to pain.

The right footwear can help to alleviate knee pain and improve your overall posture. Footwear that provides proper support and fit will help to redistribute pressure, and reduce the likelihood of knee pain and other lower body discomfort developing. We understand the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear, and we only stock the best brands that will contribute to better posture and overall foot health.

In this blog, we will explore the connection between footwear and knee pain, and how the right shoes can help to alleviate it and improve your overall posture and physical wellbeing. We’ll offer suggestions on specific types of shoes that can help with your knee pain, and provide tips for selecting footwear that fits well and provides the right kind of support. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of how the right shoes can help to reduce your knee pain and improve your overall physical health.

Two individuals walking comfortably outdoors in proper footwear, promoting good posture and reducing knee pain, as suggested by
Footwear plays a critical role in good posture. Read on to find out why!

The Importance Of Good Posture

Good posture refers to the correct alignment of the body when standing, sitting, or lying down. It is the position in which the body is most balanced and relaxed, with the least amount of stress on the supporting muscles, ligaments, and joints. Maintaining good posture is crucial for the proper functioning of the body and overall health.

Poor posture can lead to a number of problems such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches. It also contributes to knee pain. When the body is not in proper alignment, the knee joint and surrounding muscles are forced to work harder. This can lead to pain and inflammation in and around your knees.

In addition to physical benefits, good posture also has a positive impact on mental wellbeing. It can improve self-confidence, reduce fatigue and even improve your breathing. It is important to note that good posture is not just about standing up straight, but also about the alignment of the entire body. It is something that you should be thinking about throughout the day, whether you’re sitting, standing or moving.

If you are experiencing knee pain, it is important to consult a medical professional for advice. A podiatrist or your GP can help you get back on track if you are feeling any lower limb discomfort. If you want to read more about knee pain and the effect it has on your body, the NHS website is a good source of information, though it should not be used as an alternative to seeing a medical professional.

the role footwear plays in your posture

A close-up of a pair of comfortable, supportive outdoor walking boots, ideal for improving posture and reducing knee pain, as recommended by

Good posture is critical to maintaining overall health and wellness, and it starts with the right footwear. To keep your posture in check, it is important to focus on three key elements when choosing your shoes: fit, support, and cushioning. A proper fit ensures that your feet can relax and rest comfortably, reducing strain on your joints. Adequate support helps to distribute the weight of your body evenly, reducing stress on your joints and spine. Cushioning is also essential, as it helps to absorb the impact of walking and standing, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort over time. By prioritizing these three elements when selecting your footwear, you can maintain good posture and keep your body healthy and pain-free.

There are some shoe choices out there that will do more harm than good when it comes to your posture. For example, high heels can cause the body to shift forward, putting extra pressure on the front of the knee. We generally advise you avoid wearing high heels or limit their use as much as possible. If you are going to wear heels, try to limit yourself to a heel height of one inch. Even that small change will put a lot less strain on your feet. Similarly, shoes that are too loose or too tight can cause the foot to slide around inside the shoe, leading to improper alignment and increased stress on the knee joint.

In conclusion, the right footwear can play a crucial role in maintaining good posture and preventing knee pain. It is essential to choose shoes that fit well, provide adequate support and are comfortable, keeping in mind the specific features that can help alleviate knee pain. If you want help finding footwear and are not sure where to look, you can book a call with us and we’ll walk you through some personalised suggestions, based on your unique needs. You can book your free video call here –

what brands can help?

At, we know a thing or two about shoes and how they impact posture and comfort. We’ve been fitting customers for years and have figured out what really matters when it comes to good shoes. That’s why we only carry brands that meet our standards for fit, support, and cushioning. We want to help you find the perfect pair of shoes, so you can say goodbye to pain and hello to good posture.


A pair of HOKA Clifton 8 running shoes, known for their well-cushioned and structured design that promotes proper foot alignment and reduces knee pain, as featured on
HOKA Clifton 8 – Bellwether Blue

HOKA are well-known for running footwear, which we use as every day shoes because of how good the construction is. HOKA shoes have cushioning at the heel, but what makes them stand out is that the cushioning does not compress, so your feet still have a stable environment to relax in. The cushioning reduces the impact on your knee joint, and will therefore help to ease the pain. HOKA shoes also have great midfoot support and a meta rocker sole, which can help to reduce peak pressure points in your feet and improve overall comfort.

HOKA shoes are a great option for those who are experiencing knee pain and are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe for walking, running, or any other high-impact activity.

You can shop HOKA at here.


A pair of Xsensible Golden Gate shoes, designed to promote better posture by promoting a more natural walking cycle, perfect for improving posture and reducing knee pain as recommended by
Xsensible Golden Gate- Black Leather

Xsensible are the perfect choice if you want shoes to improve your posture. They’re made using traditional balance technology found in ancient Japanese sandals, and are designed to promote healthier wellbeing through movement. The combination of cushioning, support, and structure will reduce the stress of walking on your joints, and could significantly ease your knee pain and get you back to feeling your best. Stretchwalker styles also feature a unique stretch upper, which can stretch up to 70% in width. This gives your feet plenty of room to spread out and relax, without affecting the overall fit.

You can find the full Xsensible catalogue at here. It’s worth noting that we’re the only stockist in the country with access to the full in-stock, so you won’t find a better selection!


A pair of Asics Gel Cumulus 24 running shoes, designed with gel cushioning systems that absorb shock and promote proper foot alignment, perfect for improving posture and reducing knee pain as recommended by
Asics Gel Cumulus 24 – Deep Ocean/Amber

Asics is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of running shoes with good structure and cushioning. The shoes are designed with gel cushioning systems that can help to absorb shock and reduce the impact on the knee joint. The structure of the shoes also helps to keep the foot in proper alignment, which can help to reduce stress on the knee.

Asics trainers are the ideal choice if you want something easy to wear, lightweight, and will help keep your feet supported throughout the day. Whether you’re walking, running, or taking part in any other activities, Asics will support your wellbeing.

You can shop our collection of ASICS at here.


A pair of Ecco Helsinki 2 smart shoes, perfect for working professionals looking to improve their posture and reduce knee pain while maintaining a professional look, as recommended by
Ecco Helsinki 2 – Black Leather

ECCO is a Danish shoe brand that is known for its comfortable and high-quality footwear. Their shoes are designed with a focus on fit, comfort and support. ECCO shoes are a great choice if you want something with a minimal profile, made using high-quality materials and with solid components that will support your feet.

ECCO is a Danish shoe brand that is well known across Europe for comfortable & high-quality footwear. They have all the structural components necessary to be supportive enough for your feet, and cushioning in the heel can help ease any knee-pain you may have. ECCO are perfect if you just want a nice lightweight shoe with a minimal profile that will help keep your feet supported throughout the day.

You can start shopping for our range of ECCO here.

It’s important to consider the uniqueness of your feet. While we can suggest the brands we know can help, it’s not always easy to find a solution that works for you. This is why we offer a free video call service, so we can talk to you about your foot health and make some personalised suggestions based on your needs. You can book your call here –

For professional advice about your health you should always consult a podiatrist. A podiatrist specialises in the health of your lower limbs, and can give you an accurate diagnosis and suggest the best course of treatment to help get you back to feeling 100%.


When it comes to maintaining good posture and preventing joint pain, it’s important to remember the “holy trinity of joint care” – your workplace, your bed, and your shoes. These are the three main areas to consider when thinking about posture. We cannot really offer any advice about your workplace or your bed, but we can cover the footwear part. As we discussed in this blog post, the right footwear can play a crucial role in maintaining good posture and preventing joint pain.

By considering all three areas, you can help to alleviate joint pain and improve overall health.

At, we understand the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear. As well as the brands mentioned above, we do also offer a full range of shoes that can help to alleviate knee pain, improve posture, and help with overall comfort. You can see our full range of footwear that can help with posture & knee pain by clicking here. Remember, if you need additional help, book your free video call and just have a chat with us! There’s no obligation to buy anything, and they’re super easy to set up.

Do not let knee pain hold you back, visit and take the first step towards comfortable and pain-free walking. Also, be sure to check out our other blogs for more useful info about all things shoes!

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