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Quality of Life.

Footwear in relation to on-going health issues and changes in daily life.

We recommend that you check your feet periodically in case of any changes. Always consult a professional if you have any concerns about your lower limb health, or health in general.

What does “Quality of life” mean?

At ShoeFit, we carefully select the products that we stock, using our many years of expertise in the footwear industry. For this reason, we are able to help relieve common foot-related health issues.

Despite this, there are still some conditions that footwear has not been certified in treating e.g. Parkinson’s. This can be due to a number of reasons. Firstly, there may not currently be enough studies to support a claim that x footwear directly treats y condition. Shoes are also limited, and it would be a stretch to say that shoes can directly make your brain or heart healthier.

However, we still believe that the footwear we stock can be tagged in some way, to help those who have difficulty in finding something for their feet specifically. Because of this, we have marked some products with the “Quality of life” tag.

In short, purchasing a product with this tag means that though your condition will not be treated, it may help your feet or rehabilitation process, as a result of the certain features that the footwear has.

Ultimately, this type of footwear will remove the stress of having to worry about taking your footwear on and off. It will also ease any anxiety about footwear slipping from under you, or being difficult to move in.

The conditions included.

The conditions that fall under the “Quality of life” tag include the following, but are not limited to:

For ease of use, such as the weight of the footwear and visual cue features.

For ease of use, such as the fastening type and visual cue features.

To accommodate tremors (pill-rolling).

For ease of use, such as the fastening type, and weight for those that struggle with drop-foot.

For ease of use, such as the fastening type, and weight for easier movement in those first weeks and month of recovery.

For ease of use, such as the fastening type and visual cue features.

The lifestyle changes included.

As for the general changes in daily life, this tag includes, but is not limited to:

Changes during pregnancy. Particularly, feet can become swollen from blood flow or water build-up in the lowest parts of the body.

Age-related changes such as decreased dexterity, weakness, and decreased endurance.

Features to help with “Quality of life”.

There are brands that have created certain features to accommodate the conditions and changes mentioned above. The following are examples to help you understand how we’ve made this tag.

Pull-tabs and highlights on where parts are located.

Free laces for complete adjustability, and multiple fastening options i.e. a zip to open the footwear fully.

Removable insoles that can be replaced with custom made orthotics, and can fit AFOs or SMOs.

Any linings that have been especially designed for sensitive feet or wider widths.

Footwear that is lightweight makes it easier to move in situations where movement can often be difficult.

Suggested brands that can help.

Friendly Shoes is making footwear accessible for everyone with its stylish range of shoes. Created by an occupational therapist, the shoes are helping people who couldn’t previously find comfortable, functional, and fashionable footwear to fit.

Friendly Shoes are:

🌟 Adaptive friendly.
🌟 Elderly friendly.
🌟 Disabled friendly.
🌟 Diabetic friendly.
🌟 Pregnant friendly.
🌟 Eco friendly.


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