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Medical Professional’s Affiliate Membership

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Our affiliate membership designed for medical professionals gives you access to training and resources to add value to the services you provide to your patients.


Full training on good footwear and fitting practices.

Keeps prescription information consistent, and gives your patients valuable information. 1/2 day training for up to 6 staff in your clinic. For multiple clinics or more than 6 staff, we’ll arrange a bespoke package for you.

Access to qualified shoe-fitters

Phone and e-mail contact with shoe-fitters with over 40 years of collective experience. We’re here to help with all the questions you or your patients have relating to footwear.

Access to branded footwear

High street brands and specialist footwear, suitable for various conditions, fit for purpose, that look great too!

Bespoke Design and Marketing tools

Our in-house team is here to help with any physical or digital tools, and graphics for your clinic, all tailored to suit your patients and your clinic’s marketing strategy.

Adult or child Brannock device

A choice of either, so that we can work together using consistent measurements. Extra devices can be bought for use in your clinic at a discounted rate.

Prescription forms (+ digital version)

A physical and digital version, for you to fill out when referring a client, giving our shoe-fitters everything they need to best help your patients. 


Your patient gets 5% off their first purchase with us and your clinic receives a 30% discount code for use on staff/family footwear (clinic discounts limited to 4 purchases per year, limited to 1 pair per purchase)

Referral commission scheme

Each time your referred client makes a purchase from us, a percentage from that sale goes straight back to you. Our affiliate suite allows you to apply your tracking link, QR code, or coupon to any media you need to fully maximize how much you can earn.

Coming Soon…

Access to CPD on Footwear and Fitting.



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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call on 01707 95 3313.

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