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We are ShoeFit.

In today’s world, we understand that not everybody has time to learn about their feet, and footwear in general.

This is why we created ShoeFit.

At ShoeFit, we provide footwear for healthier limbs, comfort, and style. We also guide you towards choosing the appropriate style in the correct size, for footwear that meets your needs. Shopping with us is a simple step-by-step process, to help you choose with confidence.

This is The ShoeFit Experience.

How does ShoeFit work?

Our shop has been built upon several foundations that are now tools to you.

Tagging system.

Our bespoke database breaks down the properties of each footwear.

Fitting assistant.

Our unique fitting assistant will give you the size you need.

Fitting guide.

Our fitting guide will instruct you how to wear your new footwear properly.

Footwear care guide.

Our footwear care guide will help you to maintain your footwear.

Shoe-fitting helpline.

Of course, if at any stage you are unsure about anything, or just want a second opinion, our team is on standby to assist you.

The team.

A little about us as professionals.

The information that you see as you browse our shop has been based on over 40 years of combined shoe-fitting experience. We are award-winning shoe-fitters who have seen countless patients and customers, and therefore understand the finer details when it comes to finding the correct footwear.

Our work with medical professionals, institutions, charities, and brands has allowed us to see the benefits to healthy feet, and the importance of helping those who need specific footwear.

It is this experience that has developed our relationship with the Royal College of Podiatry, as well as the many brands who provide their footwear only to selected retailers.


We love to stay up-to-date with the footwear industry, and regularly attend seminars, conferences, and other public events. You can read about our upcoming appearances on our events page. If you're close by on the day, come and have a chat with us!

Our inventory.

A little about the footwear that we stock.

Our range is hand-selected every season from over 20 brands. This is based on over 40 years of combined shoe-fitting experience.

As mentioned, some of these brands do not supply to the UK. However, because of our partnerships, we have made them available to you. These include brands whose footwear solely help to relieve the symptoms of common foot-related health conditions, such as Achilles pain or bunions. Also, there are those who are committed to technology and their environmental impact. At the same time, there are others who simply wish to make footwear using traditional manufacturing methods. Whatever the case may be, we have taken what we think is the best from each, and have made it part of our inventory.

Our aims.

These are the values we hold.

For those who are unable to see a professional shoe-fitter in person, or do not have the means of finding adequate footwear for their feet, we want to be the bridge to better foot health.

Shopping online for footwear can be problematic for both the customer and the retailer. With our bespoke systems, we want to provide a shopping experience that allows the customer to get it right the first time.

For patients who are concerned about their foot health and do not know where they can consult a professional, we want to be able to advise them of where to go.

Seeing many patients over the years has led us to believe that there are people who are not aware of their own foot health. Either this, or they are hesitant about their symptoms. Being a resource for information on foot health is in our opinion, one step to avoiding long-term health impacts.

It’s great that there are so many brands out there, but there are only so many that offer the service that is needed for healthy feet. Finding these takes a great deal of time and effort, and even then, their products may not be available in the UK. For our customers, we want to be a retailer that has done all the hard work, so they can focus more on the style that they like.

How to use ShoeFit.

The ShoeFit Experience and our recommended way of shopping with us.

The number 1 enclosed in a circle.

Check your size.

Use our size assistant to get an accurate size.

The number 2 enclosed in a circle.

Tagging system.

Become familiar with our descriptors and how they apply to the footwear you need.

The number 3 enclosed in a circle.


Use our filters to narrow down the products, and our size guides to accurately select your size.


Please type in a few words what you’re looking for. You can search for a brand name, product name, or a colour.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please give us a call on 01707 95 3313.

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