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Hallux Rigidus.

Also known as Stiff Big Toe or Turf Toe. The difficulties of the big toe joint and what it has to do with your footwear.

Footwear solutions.

Footwear that can help with with Hallux Rigidus.

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What is Hallux Rigidus?

Hallux Rigidus is the term for reduced mobility in your big toe joint. Sometimes, it can be seen with a large bump of bone on the top of the joint. Often, this can cause pain in the joint, and the toe will not move in the same way it used to. This can make it very difficult to find shoes that don’t hurt, as there is a high likelihood of pain every time the toes bend. As footwear is designed to be flexible at that specific joint to make it easy to walk, it can cause a lot of frustration when shopping for footwear.

Knowing when you have Hallux Rigidus.

Early symptoms can include the following, but it is recommended that you visit a podiatrist for a professional assessment of your issues, and to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan.

〉 Pain and stiffness in the big toe during use (walking, standing, bending, etc.)

〉 Pain and stiffness aggravated by cold, damp weather.

〉 Difficulty with certain activities (running, squatting).

〉 Swelling and inflammation around the joint.

In the case of the disorder becoming more severe, there may be a chance of developing additional symptoms. These include:

〉 Pain, even during rest.

〉 Difficulty wearing shoes because Bone Spurs (overgrowths) develop.

〉 Dull pain in the hip, knee, or lower back due to changes in the way you walk.

〉  Limping (in severe cases).

How we can help.

As the stiffening affects the way the big toe joint works, the main objective of footwear is to offload the joint that hurts.

We have found that footwear with a slightly stiffer sole and a stronger rock at the front, works really well for people suffering with painful symptoms.

If you have seen a medical professional, they can also write us a prescription for a forefoot rocker to be added into almost any shoe, as a specialist adaptation.

Featured products.

Specific footwear that have designed for the benefit of Hallux Rigidus patients.


From Asics.

While traditional training shoes have a linear, segmented sole design, the Metaride sole is built on a curve. It has been designed for runners to reduce the energy used throughout their calf muscles (back of your lower leg) by 30%. This reduces the amount that your Achilles has to recoil with every stride, so it allows the whole tendon and the muscle to rest for longer while being active.

At the Asics Institute of Sport Science, multiple rounds of testing revealed that the Metaride shoe increased runner efficiency and lessened the effect of fatigue. Runners described the feeling of an endless, easy ride—creating a more comfortable long-distance running experience.

Our content has been created in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry. It is not a substitute for professional assessment, diagnosis or treatment.


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