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HOKA - Elevating your potential on the track, in the field, on the road, and everywhere in between.

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A photo of the HOKA Bondi 7, in Blue Fog/Blue Glass.

Bondi 7 – Blue Fog/Blue Glass


A photo of the HOKA Bondi 7, in Nimbus Cloud/Radiant Yellow.

Bondi 7 – Nimbus Cloud/Radiant Yellow


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Men (D): Standard | (EE): Wide.

Women (B): Standard | (D): Wide.

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The HOKA difference.

A look at the technology that goes into the footwear.

An illustration of the HOKA cushioned midsole technology.

Cushioned Midsole

Ultralight and endlessly cushioned, HOKA midsoles offer shock absorption, comfort and support in varying degrees of thickness: Responsive, Balanced, and Maximal.

An illustration of the HOKA Meta-Rocker technology.


Designed to drive runners forward, Meta-Rocker geometry complements the natural gait cycle and reduces the height differential between heel and toe.

An illustration of the HOKA Active Foot Frame technology.

Active Foot Frame

The Active Foot Frame functions like the bucket seat in a race car, cradling the heel and embedding the foot securely into the midsole.

An illustration of the HOKA Profly technology.


A two-part midsole that delivers a cushioned landing and responsive toe-off, PROFLY provides a uniquely soft and snappy ride.

An illustration of the HOKA J-Frame technology.


Designed to combat overpronation, J-Frame innovation delivers extended support with a firmer foam on the medial site where the foot typically rolls inward.


Health benefits

What can HOKA help me with?

Plantar Fasciitis

Back and knee pain

Hallux Rigidus

Our content has been created in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry. It is not a substitute for professional assessment, diagnosis or treatment.

About HOKA

HOKA’s goal is to inspire people to move. They want to empower all athletes to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion – and with an “always-on” mindset for innovation and thinking outside the box, they craft bold and unexpected new solutions for athletes of all types.

They aim to amplify voices and help provide access to running, walking, fitness and the outdoors. They believe everyone is an athlete. And however you find joy in movement, HOKA has your back.


Frequently asked questions about HOKA footwear.

HOKA has designed their footwear to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, in order to make running easier.

With their wide range of colours and styles, their footwear is also suitable for casual wear.

Yes, and we have hand-selected what we think are the best styles for accommodating the different types of feet that we see everyday.

We do not recommend that HOKA products are placed in the washing machine for cleaning as it can affect the construction of the style and the materials used.

To clean your HOKAs we suggest gently wiping them with a damp, warm cloth and leaving to air dry. Please be advised not to leave your shoes in direct sunlight to dry or use washing machine/ chemical products to clean them, as this could caused damage. For more information on cleaning, please click here.

Men’s and women’s widths are separate, and come in two main sub-widths.

Men (D): Standard.

Men (EE): Wide.

Women (B): Standard.

Women (D): Wide.

For specific information, it’s best to give us a call. However, please note that we only advise for the brands that we currently stock.

Care instructions.

How to clean and maintain your HOKA footwear.

General cleaning and care guidelines for HOKA footwear are to hand wash with cold water using a mild soap or detergent, and allow them to dry naturally away from direct heat or sunlight.

Cleaning and care instructions for HOKA apparel vary from product to product, with proper care outlined on the tag for each piece of clothing.

For more specific guidance, consult the following guide:

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