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Adidas logo.

Adidas is a German designer and manufacturer of footwear, clothing, and accessories. They have a long history and a deep-rooted connection with sport, where their mission is to be the best sports brand in the world.

Angulus logo

Angulus is a Danish brand whose promise is of quality and simplicity. From the first step of a shoe’s creation until it is finished, 48-60 steps are required. Since its beginnings in 1904, Angulus has been sending out shoes that are not only beautiful, but also offer unparalleled comfort whether walking or standing still.

Ascent logo

Ascent is an Australian brand focused on providing footwear with integrity. They started with a sporting shoe heritage, and have taken this technology into categories of footwear that have not previously had this type of comfort and support.

Asics logo

Asics designs and makes some of the world’s best training footwear. Whether it be for running, walking, or court sports, Asics has the bases covered. Hundreds of technology-led discoveries, inventions, and advancements have been integrated into Asics footwear, from analysing natural movements and actions for over four decades.

Ecco logo

Founded in 1963, ECCO is one of the world’s biggest shoe brands. They are also one of the largest producers of leather in the world. Because of this, they have been able to make many advancements in their design process, including their Gore-Tex and Phorene technology.

Friendly Shoes logo.

Friendly Shoes is making footwear accessible for everyone with its stylish range of shoes. Created by an occupational therapist, the shoes are helping people who couldn’t previously find comfortable, functional, and fashionable footwear to fit.

Josef Seibel logo

Josef Seibel is one of Europe’s longest established footwear manufacturers. High aesthetic standards and modern design come together to create comfort for all day, everyday wear. With hand-crafted elements such as hand-stitching, wearers can expect footwear built for sustainability and the perfect fit.

Joya logo

Joya is a Swiss-based footwear manufacturer, whose main goal is to offer a shoe that sets new standards in the comfort sector. Patented Joya sole technology encourages the natural way of walking and helps to reduce the impact on joints. This means that they can help with ongoing health issues.

Kinysi logo

Kinysi is a UK based brand, who started developing after seeing that there was a real need for more supportive footwear. They have consulted their medical partners, to ensure that every Kinysi style contains key benefits to the wearer. Manufactured in Portugal, they use traditional construction methods.

Petasil logo

Petasil is a vibrant children’s footwear brand. Established in 1988 in the heart of Portugal, they create stylish, fashionable footwear, whilst ensuring foot care is at the forefront of their designs. Everything is crafted from the finest quality leather, and the soles are produced to be as soft and flexible as possible.

Pom D'api logo

The French brand of Pom D’api began in 1870, designing and manufacturing quality shoes for children. They stress the importance of precisely crafted footwear, and special attention to every detail of the manufacturing process. Today, a typical model goes through more than 200 different production steps.

Ricosta logo

Ricosta is a German brand of children’s footwear that combines durability, comfortability, and style. Whether for school, home, or outings, Ricosta designs their products for a wide range of sizes, colours, styles, and fabrics — offering the perfect shoe and fit for a child’s needs.

ShoesMe Logo

ShoesMe was born in 1999 as a Dutch baby’s and children’s footwear manufacturer, supporting growth at each stage of a child’s foot. They incorporate their own technology into their products, such as their BABY-PROOF bubble sole. They stand for quality, innovation, and fair-trade.

Start Rite logo

Start-Rite is a British brand who has been developing children’s footwear for over 225 years. Their products are based on decades of research, where they re-engineer them to work seamlessly with the foot and the rest of the body, as children grow.

Timberland logo

Timberland is an American footwear manufacturer founded in 1952. Ever since introducing their original waterproof boots, they’ve remained focused on making innovative products that get people outdoors, are made with environmentally-conscious materials, and are crafted to last for years.

VIONIC’s mission began with the work of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli. Today, the company creates a stylish range of shoes, sandals, boots, and orthotics – providing essential stability, and helping support natural alignment from the ground up.

Waldlaufer logo

Waldlaufer is a German footwear brand, with the aim of being a leading manufacturer in the field of comfortable footwear. They incorporate traditional craftsmanship and the latest, environmentally-friendly technology, so that wearers of their products can enjoy a handcrafted, flexible fit.

A family owned business since 1904, Xsensible is a Dutch shoe brand inspired by influences far beyond their country’s borders. They have developed unique technology and patented material, in order to help people achieve more balance.


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