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About the brand.

Waldlaufer is a German footwear brand, with the aim of being a leading manufacturer in the field of comfortable footwear. They incorporate traditional craftsmanship and the latest, environmentally-friendly technology, so that wearers of their products can enjoy a handcrafted, flexible fit.

With staff members across Europe, Waldlaufer produces around 12,000 pairs of shoes per day. It is here that they manufacture in partnership with regular, trusted suppliers – for corporate responsibility, social commitment, and sustainability for future generations.

This is what Waldlaufer symbolises. A closeness with nature and strength.


Some of the technology that Waldlaufer incorporates into their footwear.


Sensitive feet that are prone to pressure points, bulges, or deformities such as Hallux Valgus, need footwear that can adapt to the shape of the foot. Waldlaufer has addressed this exactly, with a line of models that feature flexible upper materials, so that they can easily adapt to the unique shape of your foot.

A high-quality antibacterial and moisture absorbing inner lining, provides a comfortable and healthy foot climate.

Stretchy and adaptable upper materials guarantee a perfect fit.

Soft cushioning prevents stressed areas from additional pressure and gives the wearer as much comfort as possible.


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