Health benefits

Health benefits.

A directory of all the health conditions that we deal with.

Your feet are directly affected by your footwear. If you don’t have the correct footwear or the correct fitting footwear, you can suffer negative ailments in terms of walking and balance.

When you have the correct fitting and type of footwear, you will know because it will support and protect your feet. Not only this, but you will have natural movement. If these conditions are not met, you are at risk of developing problems such as corns and calluses. Ignoring signs such as general pain means that you can develop a serious condition such as bunions and plantar fasciitis.

At ShoeFit.uk, we carefully select the products that we stock, using our many years of expertise in the footwear industry. For this reason, we are able to help relieve common foot-related health issues. All of the health conditions that we have experience with can be found below.

Plantar fasciitis.

Pain on the bottom of the feet, around the heel and arch.

Morton's neuroma.

Damaged or irritated nerves in the feet.

Hallux rigidus.

A type of degenerative arthritis that affects a certain joint.


Bony lumps that form on the side of the feet.

Achilles pain.

An injury of the Achilles tendon as a result of overuse.

Lower back pain, knee pain, and posture.

Numbness, burning, or tingling running from the lower back to the feet.

Sever’s disease, bone and heel spurs.

Relating to abnormal bone and tissue growth.

Hammer toes.

A deformity that causes the toe to bend or curl downward.


Issues stemming from this condition.


Problems arising from irregular orthotics.

Our content has been created in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry. It is not a substitute for professional assessment, diagnosis or treatment.