Sever's Disease, bone & heel spurs

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When it comes to footwear for sever’s disease or bone spurs, the most important thing is to find something that will provide the maximum amount of cushioning, comfort, and protection.

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Bony growths cause lots of discomfort. Whether it’s a heel spur, bone spur, or sever’s disease – it hurts. You need cushioned footwear. It’s one of the only things that will help alleviate discomfort.

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If your podiatrist has given you an orthotic to help with your Sever's disease, bone, or heel spurs, you'll want to make sure it's in the right pair of shoes.
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What Are Bone Spurs, Heel Spurs, and Sever's DiseasE?

Bone sdpurs, also known as osteophytes, are small bony growths that can develop on bones around joints, most commonly in the spine, feet, and hands. They are caused by wear and tear or injury, and can lead to pain and inflammation in the affected area. Heel spurs are similar, but they occur exclusively in the heel.

Sever's disease is a common foot condition that affects children and teenagers, typcially those who are active in sports. It occurs in the grwoth plate of the heel and is caused by repetitive stress and strain on the heel - leading to inflammation, pain, and discomfort. Wearing shoes that provide proper support, distribute bodyweight evenly, and have good shock absorbtion can help alleviate the pain asscociated with these conditions.

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