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The importance of your footwear when you have Diabetes.

This tag denotes that the materials used in this product are natural and friendly to diabetic feet. The tag is not related to how the footwear fits. If the shoe does not fit, this may put you at risk of damaging your feet. Please make sure you have signed up and spoken to one of our experts before purchasing. ShoeFit does not assume any responsibility if damage does occur to your feet.

How Diabetes relates to your footwear.

The reason footwear is important for people with Diabetes, is because they are at high risk of developing problems in their feet. Increases in blood sugar can reduce the sensation in the feet and can also affect circulation, meaning less blood goes to your feet. A lack of quality blood supply can result in the nerves in your feet not working properly either. This means that if there are any cuts, sores, or friction caused by the footwear on the feet, then you may have problems with them healing. You may not even know that they have happened in the first place.

These problems can then lead to ulcers, infections, and in severe cases, amputation. Diabetes UK warns that someone with diabetes is 20 times more likely to have a lower limb amputation, than someone without it.

Understanding the importance of footwear.

It is advised that your footwear should be long and wide enough, but not too loose either. If your shoes are too short, you are at a greater risk of developing hammer toes, blisters, corns, or damaged nails. On the flipside, if your shoes are not wide enough, your feet can be pressed. This will mean that they will rub against the sides of the shoe, and this in turn can lead to corns, calluses, blisters, or bunions forming.

Moreover, any form of damage, change to the skin or shape of the foot, can lead on to a loss of surface skin, wounds, and foot ulcers forming.

For those who have Neuropathy, you may not be able to feel whether your shoes are uncomfortable, or if they are causing damage. It’s therefore important that you check your feet daily for any signs of damages or change. If you notice any changes, you should contact your podiatrist as soon as possible for advice. 

How we can help.

Footwear that fits well, is appropriate for its purpose, and is made out of good quality natural materials, will go a long way in helping prevent these situations from occurring. You will find that a lot of the footwear on our website is suitable for diabetics because of their materials. However, it really comes down to the fit and understanding your foot shape, before making a purchase.

Get an accurate measurement of your feet, and become familiar with how they fit into your footwear.

Then, see our range of footwear that has been marked with the Quality of Life tag, as these may have features that are beneficial for Diabetes patients.

Our content has been created in conjunction with the Royal College of Podiatry. It is not a substitute for professional assessment, diagnosis or treatment.


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