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Medical professionals.

Becoming a referral point between your patients and trusted shoe-fitters.

All you need is a free verified account and you can refer your patients by the very next day!

At ShoeFit.uk, we specialise in providing medical professionals with an efficient, trusted referral system for their patients’ footwear needs. With over two decades of experience in shoe fitting, we offer a unique service that combines expert knowledge with a deep understanding of foot-related health conditions.

Providing a solution for your patients.

Comprehensive Shoe-Fitting experience: Our team, with more than 20 years in the field, understands the complexities of various foot conditions, from plantar fasciitis to diabetes. We assist patients referred by podiatrists or those who discover our services independently, ensuring they receive footwear that fits perfectly and meets their specific needs.

Easy Referral Process for Medical Professionals: Sign up for a free, verified account and start referring your patients effortlessly. We provide peace of mind, knowing your patients will receive an accurate fitting and appropriate footwear for their unique requirements.

Dealing with complex foot conditions: We have extensive experience in addressing a range of foot-related health issues, including hallux rigidus, Achilles pain, hammer toes, bone spurs, adaptations for bunions, Sever’s disease, and more.

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Plantar fasciitis
Hallux rigidus
Achilles pain
Hammer toes
Bone spurs
Sever's disease

How it works.

Referring patients is easy. Follow these steps and we’ll handle the rest.

Apply for a free, verified medical professional account.

Referrals are only accepted once you are registered with us.
*Applications are subject to approval.

Keep medical notes and foot measurements.

We use this information to make informed and accurate decisions when it comes to recommending footwear.

Book a free consultation.

Use our system to book a free phone or video call at a time that suits your patient. You will be able to upload medical notes and measurements.

The ShoeFit.uk experience.

ShoeFit.uk has been built upon foundations of knowledge from shoe-fitting in a brick-and-mortar shop. Once your patient’s notes are with us, we will take the time to understand their medical requirements and footwear needs e.g. requiring everyday walking shoes that are waterproof. Using their size information and our expertise, we will recommend them footwear that will suit their foot, support their treatment plan, and they will enjoy wearing.

An illustration of two people having a video meeting.

Free phone and video consultations.

Your patient will be able to speak to one of our shoe-fitters with over 20 years of experience in shoe-fitting. They will receive valuable information, including personalised recommendations based on their preferences.

Choose from either a phone call or a video call. Not only can it be had from the comfort of their own, but it can be booked at their chosen day and time.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

Easy shopping by health benefit and footwear construction.

Our website and shopping experience has been designed to help browse and narrow down a selection by foot type, occasion, construction, and more. For example, if a patient has bunions and wants formal shoes, there are filters to show them these products.

We take shoes, trainers, boots, sandals, heels, and break them down to show you how they can benefit your feet.

An illustration of workers manufacturing a life-size shoe with large tools.

Hand-selected footwear from almost 20 brands.

Our range is hand-selected, meaning that we have made checks to ensure that they are appropriate for good foot health. For this reason, the shoes within the brands we stock are only those that we believe are beneficial for our customers.

The list continues to grow each year as we are always looking for brands that hold values for comfort, style, as well as healthier lower limbs.

ShoeFit.uk maintains strong relationships with The Royal College of Podiatry, the British Footwear Association, and partnerships with podiatrists and medical professionals across the UK. Our work with various institutions and charities highlights the importance of healthy feet and the necessity for specialised footwear.

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We aim to respond to all applications within 24 hours. If you have not heard from us, or you’d like to inquire further, please contact us directly.

In this case, we recommend calling us so that it can be processed over the telephone.

We started fitting in 2001 and have seen patients from podiatrists across the UK.

Yes. Providing them with our contact details is enough, as there is no pressure to make a purchase through us.

I would highly recommend the ShoeFit.uk training for anyone working in the foot health industry. My podiatrists and I were blown away with the level of knowledge that was brought to the course and it completely changed how we view footwear. After 24 years in the industry, it turned out I still had so much to learn! We now incorporate foot measuring into many of our podiatric treatments and the skills learned on the course changed our practise immediately. I have recommended this to so many as essential CPD for professional growth.
Emma McConnachie
Lead Podiatrist, Stirling Podiatry

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