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About our range.

From their humble beginnings in 1949, Adidas has transcended cultures with their footwear and continues to create innovative products for performance. For this reason, we’re now proud to be stocking their range, including their football boots, rugby boots, as well as their running trainers. For adults and children, we hope that our hand-picked selection will help anyone who is active or wants to wear reputable footwear that they can rely on.

Aside from the technology that goes into their products, we love how lightweight and durable they are. Plus, their simple designs and colours makes them easy to wear casually, which is great for anyone who wants to avoid a wardrobe full of footwear for each occasion.

If you’re interested in finding your next Adidas pair, we recommend booking your free personal shopping appointment with us. During the appointment, you’ll be able to speak with one of our expert shoe-fitters and narrow down choices for you. At no cost to you; at whatever time fits around your busy day; and from the comfort of your own home!